About Me

I have completed a Bachelor of Legal Studies at the University of Murdoch and as of recent I have completed my Diploma of Education Secondary, at the University of Notre Dame. I’ve lived in the Fremantle area my whole life and am currently transitioning into becoming both an artist and a secondary teacher. The positive experiences my art and education has given me so far is what keeps me passionate about the different possibilities of meeting and working with new people. I am always excited to educate others on what I do, but I’m also intrigued to learn from others what I do not.


Self-taught aerosol/fine artist obsessed with continually developing the overall fluidity and shape of varied art concepts and designs, that best suit the acquired surface. Focused on pushing my aerosol ability to the fullest, on all surfaces whether large or small. I am always trying to manipulate aerosol through utilising different methods of texture, line, and process to , obtained through my own foundations of art practice. I am highly Influenced by the graffiti/street art movement, in particular the ability to express myself through the execution and style of my work and the impact artwork can have over a viewers thoughts and opinions. Overall I want to use my artwork as a way to convey positivity within different communities, a way of sharing a places history through visual narrative, or simply brighten someone’s day.