About Me

I have completed a Bachelor of Legal Studies at the University of Murdoch along with a postgraduate Diploma of Secondary Education at the University of Notre Dame. I am currently focusing on becoming both a passionate artist and secondary teacher. I have lived in the Fremantle area my whole life and constantly drawing on its inner beauty to produce artwork. The positive experiences I have gained from education and art thus far keeps me driven to work with and meet new people to broaden my horizons. I am always motivated to educate others on what I do, but also intrigued to learn from others what I do not.


I am highly influenced by the graffiti/street art movement, and focus on the ability to express myself on an interactive and communal scale. I enjoy the positive impact my artwork can have on the target audience, in combination with the particular setting/space and other visual stimulus, all coming together to produce a harmonious composition. Overall I want to use my artwork as a way to convey positivity within different communities, share a places history through visual narrative, and simply as a method of brightening someone’s day.